Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is established as the primary consultative body for the Pastor in regard to the pastoral activities of the Parish. It works along with the Pastor to create and maintain various pastoral ministries in the Parish and provide service opportunities to the greater community in which we live. Members are representative of the greater Parish family and bring parishioner’s concerns to the Council and Pastor as well as help communicate important information to parishioners from this Council. This Council consists of four Commissions (Administrative, Communication, Formation and Social Concerns) and these consist of various ministries, committees and programs. Communication back and forth is the real key to making this work. Members discern themselves onto the Council for a term of three years, and the Council has twelve positions. The discernment process is also used each year to make assignments to the Commissions and Offices (Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary).

Current Pastoral Council Membership:
Fr. Adam Mauman
Tom Webster, President
Beth Barker
Angela Braden

Tim Comerford
Diana Hand
Ron Mullett
Brad Nord
Evie Powell
Brad Rogers