Finance Council

The Parish Finance Council is established, like the other Councils, in accord with particular Diocesan policy. This Council is also required by Canon Law for all Parishes and Dioceses. This Council is the primary consultative body for financial affairs to the Pastor of the Parish as all major decisions along with annual plans that affect the finances of the Parish in any way are discussed, so that recommendations can be made to the Pastor for final decision. This Council consists of four Commissions (Stewardship, Diocesan Campaign [Fruitful Harvest], Budget, Administrative Processes) that may be further responsible for Committees and/or Ministries. The discernment process is used for membership for this Council, and will also be used to make assignments to the Commissions and Offices (Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary). There may be up to twelve members who serve three-year terms.

Current Finance Council Membership:
Fr. Adam Mauman, President
Mary Alexander, Chairperson
Helene Banina
Polly Dobbs
Dick Hammond
Jack Kilcrece
Michael Kuepper
Sam Redmon