Young Adults

To anyone between the ages of 18 and 35:

You are considered a “young adult”.  Being the smart and attractive person that you are, you have probably realized that this age group covers a wide breadth of individuals that can have a massive range in experiences and spiritual needs.  Obviously trying to find something that is engaging for a second-year college student is going to look much different than the 33 year old mother of two.

But even with the wide range of knowledge, experience, and faithfulness tha tcan come from such a broad demographic, please know that you are wanted and loved here at St. Charles Borromeo Church.  We are continually striving to find new viewpoints and a passionate fire for our many ministries at St. Charles, and we know that you can help us with that search.

  • Do you like working with your hands to glorify the Lord?  Consider lending a strong back and nimble fingers to the St. Charles Carpenters, who help to rebuild homes and places of worship in the area.
  • Have you been told that you would be at home singing with the angels?  Sign up for one of our choirs or music-based ministries to help galvanize our worship during the Holy Mass.
  • Is the Holy Spirit on fire within you, calling you to reach out to those willing to hear the message of God?  Our evangelization team needs passionate and energetic young men and women to help bring the light of Christ to those that need to hear it.
  • Looking back, are there lessons that you have learned the hard way that you want to pass on to people younger than you?  Did you have a dramatic conversion experience you want to share?  Maybe you just like kids, or playing crazy games?  Discern helping with our EDGE or Life Teen programs to help mentor teenagers and show them that Christ is present in their lives.
  • Maybe all of that is just too much, and you would rather just help count the collection after Mass on Sundays.  Please, do so!  As Saint Teresa of Calcutta said:  “If you cannot do great things, do small things with great love.”

As a young adult myself, I know it can be challenging and downright intimidating to try and find a place in a parish while still trying to figure out how to be a real adult in this crazy world.  We are pulled in so many different directions and have so much that is expected of us from our families, or our bosses at a new job, or even from significant others.  With so many things that we have to worry about, giving up time to find out place in a parish, especially one as storied as St. Charles, can seem an impossible task.

But it is not an impossible task.  All it takes is a simple “hello” to get the ball rolling toward serving God.  Whether you desire to create a soup kitchen in our cafeteria or just cut out tickets for the fish fry, we would be overjoyed to have you join us at the parish.  So please, come join our family.

Luke Hoefer, Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries