Junior High


Junior High Youth MinistryEDGE is a program from the same people that make Life Teen, and it is just as engaging and fun as its elder counterpart!

Every week the Jr. High crew comes together to play games and talk about their faith while doing some pretty crazy things.  We’ve helped each other shave our faces, we’ve made shields to protect us from evil, and we’ve had a few days where we’ve dressed up as some of our favorite saints!

Each week is different and exciting and since we begin at noon, lunch is always served!


From time to time, we’ll have great opportunities to deepen our faith with retreat experiences tailored just for Jr. High students.  Previously our deanery has hosted a NET ministries team to put on a weekend retreat for students, and now we’re working with other parishes in Kokomo to bring that same sort of experience back!

Retreats provide a great opportunity to experience the power of your faith and get to know Jesus better along with a group of other students!  There’s always time for prayer, but there are also small group discussions, games, and lots of candy!

Lock In

Junior High Youth MinistryAre you ready to stay up all night playing games, munching on food, and driving the adult chaperones crazy?  Well you’re in luck then, because that’s exactly what a Lock In promises.

Get locked into the school for a night of games, movies, and food!