ELM Program

The ELM Program

The Ecclesial Lay Ministry (ELM) Program is the foundational formation program for laity serving in ministry in the diocese. The formation program consists of the following four components: Human Formation consisting of mentoring and supervised ministry opportunities; Academic Theology Courses (10); Pastoral and Professional Skills Workshops (14); and Spiritual Formation Assessment and Development. The ELM program is offered at sites across the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana, in cooperation with Saint Joseph’s College, Rensselaer, who governs and oversees the academic portion of the program.

In addition to receiving a Certificate of Completion, the Ecclesial Lay Ministry Program, working collaboratively with Saint Joseph’s College, offers a second Baccalaureate option for those who qualify, as well as an equivalency option for those with advanced degrees and experienced individuals interested in serving in ministry in the diocese. For more information about the ELM Program please refer to the ELM Handbook.