SCRIP is a fundraising program where you purchase pre-paid gift cards for products and services you already use…

  • Gas for your car
  • Coffee
  • Travel
  • Groceries and drug stores
  • Restaurants — from fast food to casual dining
  • Clothing
  • and much more!

You can use them for yourself or give them as gifts. And when you purchase SCRIP through St. Charles Borromeo, we all win because the parish receives a discount on its sales — from 1.5% to as much as 13% and then sells the gift cards for face value. For example: we purchase a $25 Bath and Body gift card at a 13 percent discount which is $21.75. You purchase the gift card for the face value of $25 and our profit from selling that one gift card is $3.25.

Effective January 1, 2015, Kroger is changing their Care Program to Kroger’s Community Rewards Program.  Kroger’s Community Rewards has dedicated $2 Million into this program to  assist non-profits of all sizes in Indiana and Illinois.

What does that mean for us?    It means no more loading your Kroger gift cards at the counter or register.  It also means a much easier process.  Please visit and link your Kroger Plus Card to our Church.  Ten percent (10%) of your purchases will go to our church building fund while you continue to receive your rewards to use at the gas pump, etc.  

Thank you to everyone who supports this Fundraiser.  

Download the form below today… we have many of the most popular gift cards in stock. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for on the form, visit  and click on the “Order Scrip” tab for a complete list of retailers available.

Complete the form and take it to the Parish Office, Monday — Friday from 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. (Tuesday’s until 9:30 p.m.). If a gift card is needed that is not listed on the form, contact the Parish Office at 765-473-5543 as most major retailers are in the program and we can get the gift cards.

SCRIP in stock form