Fruitful Harvest

Help Us Build Hope

Parishioners across the Diocese are being asked to contribute to the biennial appeal, Fruitful Harvest 2018. Today, we ask that you prayerfully consider a gift to Fruitful Harvest. Funds raised through the appeal help our diocesan church family continue its many needed services and programs. We are part of a community that must reach out to people beyond our parish lines, sharing our gifts given to us by God as good stewards. Once our parish meets its Appeal goal, we will receive a 10% rebate.

Please keep in mind that this pledge is payable over 20 months. For example: If you gave $5.00 a month, your total Appeal giving would be $100.00.


Please feel free to sign up during the week in the Parish Office.  If you wish to make an electronic payment, you may do so at the Diocesan Website.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the parish office at 473-5543.