Interior Renovation — Scope of Work


Architectural Rendering of the interior renovations of St. Charles Borromeo, Peru, Indianaas approved by our Interior Renovation Committee and the Diocesan Building Commission includes:

  • Excavation of crawl space, repair to existing foundation at west vestibule, and repair of existing floor joists along west wall of Nave.
    • This will allow access to the floor joists and structural members that need repaired, as well as allowing room for ductwork to be installed to control humidity that has caused a “rising damp” in the lower sections of our walls.
  • Repair and/or reroute the existing sanitary sewer line, while providing storm water system modifications to better control storm water run-off.
  • Reconfigure the altar and pew layout, in order to restore the original design intent (all parishioners looking towards the sanctuary/tabernacle).
    • Relocating the free standing altar in the sanctuary reflects the unity between the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist which “are so closely connected with each other that they form but one single act of worship” (SC 56).
  • Enclosure of the area beneath the existing balcony with a transparent wall, in order to create an enlarged narthex / cry room / baptistery.
    • Our historic baptismal font will be relocated to this space, reflecting the Christian’s journey THROUGH the waters of baptism TO the altar (CCC 1322).
  • New heating and air conditioning systems (removal of baseboard radiators and hanging units on balcony wall) including forced-air air conditioning.
    • We will gain a more efficient heating and air conditioning system, handicapped accessibility will be improved along both outside aisles of the church, and a humidity control system will be introduced to help maintain our historic organ.
  • New lighting and sound systems (including a new ADA induction loop system that will transmit sound to hearing aids and cochlear implants).
  • Repair of deteriorated plaster, especially at the wainscot level of the nave. Updating (and lightening up) the severely worn finishes within the Church.
  • Renovation of the two existing restrooms in between the Church and parish offices, and the conversion of the vesting sacristy and meeting room in between the Church and parish offices into two handicapped accessible restrooms (including infant changing stations).
  • New flooring throughout sanctuary, nave and balcony.
  • Repair and restoration of all three high altars (originally erected in 1884).
  • Repair and restoration of Stations-of-the-Cross.