Campaign Progress

St. Charles Borromeo Capital Campaign Progress

Excitement has not diminished now that we have completed our interior renovation and have been celebrating Mass in our new worship space for the past six months. During the Christmas and Easter holy days, we had many visitors and parishioners staring at the ceiling, “all for the glory of God”.

Although we have received many generous gifts, we still have some fundraising to complete, and we need everyone’s support. As I mentioned last month, we have been incredibly blessed to have over 90% of the funds we needed to complete our project pledged prior to commencing our project. Additionally, the parish had great financial performance in 2016, and was able to transfer approximately $50,000 from our operating account towards this project, because our income exceeded our expenses. However, as we made the final payments to our contractors, we did tap into a line of credit that has since rolled over into an amortized loan (with regular monthly payments over the next 9 years).

My hope is that we can avoid paying interest on this loan, and you can help by increasing your pledge by 10% today (i.e. if you originally pledged $100, please consider donating $10 more, or if you previously pledged $1000, please consider donating $100 more). If you were unable to previously make a pledge to our capital campaign, please consider making a sacrificial gift today.

Many have already opted to continue using their yellow envelopes (monthly contributions to “Our Lasting Heritage”) that arrive with our tithing envelopes. Please also note that tax benefits have been extended for anyone over age 70-­‐1/2 wishing to make contributions from IRA’s in 2017. We will continue to keep you updated on our fundraising efforts by posting weekly updates in our parish bulletin, on our poster board located in the narthex, as well as on our bulletin boards showing our progress towards paying off our “debt” (less than $200,000 at this time) by December 2017.

Prayerfully consider ongoing monthly contributions, increasing your pledge by 10%, another type of gift like donating appreciated assets from your investments, or even a charitable lead-­‐ trust. All gifts are tax deductible! Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our parish community.


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